Over 20 Years Servicing Projectors for Education, Business, Houses of Worship.


Over 20 Years Servicing Projectors for Education, Business, Houses of Worship.


Need a Projector Lamp?


About Projector Doctor The Best Projector Lamp Manufacturer & Supplier

Projector Doctor is your source for projector lamp savings with quality, genuine bulbs.

Projector Doctor, a division of Mendtronix, is also the largest and most reputable projector repair company in America.

Projector Doctor was founded in 1998 as an AV repair company specializing in digital projectors. Shortly after its founding, Projector Doctor began selling replacement projector lamps to elementary schools, high schools, colleges, churches, theaters, casinos, sports bars, military and corporate conference rooms.


No other projector lamp reseller understands projectors like Projector Doctor. Our deep knowledge in the projector repair industry helps us understand the nuances of each projector brand and model. We know which projectors are likely to have trouble with lamps and how those problems can be overcome.

Personal Service

You will work directly with a friendly and knowledgeable National Account Manager that will answer your questions and help you resolve your technical issues with projector lamps and projector repair

Three locations

Projector Doctor has 3 US locations in San Diego CA, Atlanta GA and Pittsburgh PA.
Let us help you find the projector lamp that best needs. We make the ordering process easy and will give you the necessary support, so you get a high-quality result.

About Cobalt Lamps

Cobalt is the Projector Doctor brand name for high quality replacement projector lamps that are up to 65% less expensive than OEM projector lamps. We guarantee that all Cobalt Projector Lamps are made with 100% OEM bulbs and reflectors/burners from manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, Phoenix and Ushio. You can always expect to get a bright, quality image and a product that lasts the test of time.

  • 200-day warranty
  • All top brands and models
  • Free ground shipping (in continental 48 states)
  • Original Bulbs
  • Price match of same quality
  • High-quality guarantee

Cobalt Lamps must pass rigorous quality control measures before they are shipped to you.
Beware of Generic Lamps. Projector Doctor does NOT recommend or sell low quality generic projector lamps. Generic projector lamps are built using the substandard components and build techniques that result in a dimmer and shorter life for the lamp. These low-quality lamps can damage the projector itself causing safety concerns and voiding your projector’s warranty. The pricing on these lamps can be very attractive, but you will get what you pay for. Buyer beware.

Customer Service: 800.726.9820. Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am ET to 7pm ET. (6am PT to 4pm PT)